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  • Jen de Azevedo

I bet you never thought...

I was in Big Bear, California at my family's cabin this past week. Everyone had turned in for the night and I was tucked in bed when I heard a text come through on my phone. I looked to see who it was. It was my friend and publisher Carrie. She sent this picture of her grandson reading my book with his dad. The text said...

"This is my son Jaden and his 2 year old son Jutzen. Jutzen makes them read ELECTRIC to him every night before bed. He loves it! I bet you never thought when you were that frazzled, exhausted mom - this is going to be a story some 2 year old is going to love some day. Haha."

No, Carrie...I sure didn't. And you're sweet message damn near made me cry.

I think I wrote this story more to teach and help my own sons and never really thought about how other children might enjoy it. I wrote ELECTRIC when my 2 oldest boys were small. They are now 21 and 19. It sat shelved for a lot of years and was miraculously brought to life by the ideas and business ventures of an old friend (to whom I am so grateful for this opportunity).

Sometimes, as parents, we get lost in the mundane business of living and raising kids and we forget how important all those little moments are (even the frustrating ones). I never thought my "mom struggles" would end up entertaining other children. But I'm so happy it does!

My second son, Ethan, was born with crazy energy pouring out of every inch of him. As challenging as that was for a mom trying to maintain order and cleanliness and teach life lessons...I loved it about him. I also knew it would prove to be a challenge for him as he grew up. In school we are taught to sit still and be quiet and conform (something I myself have never been good at) . This story was for him. It was to help him understand that, regardless of my parental exhaustion, he was doing just fine. Now that it's out...I hope it helps other kids realize that, as well.

This story is for the kids staring out the window daydreaming of anything but school...the kids with their names on the board...the kids who can't help but be silly...the kids who, no matter how hard they try, speak volumes louder than the rest of class. You are doing just fine. You are ELECTRIC.

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