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  • Jen de Azevedo

What is an Unconscious Competent?

If you've seen my home-page you read a bit about the term "unconscious competent". What on earth is that? That is what I wondered the first time I ever heard that phrase. As it was explained to me, I became aware that's what I was in my younger years. It is someone who inherently knows how to think right and unwittingly creates the life they want without knowing they are doing it. Let me give you an example of this.

A few months ago my mom was watching a show on TV. The program happened to be about bullying and my mom asked me if I'd ever been bullied as a child. I said I hadn't, but as I thought for a minute a remebered one incident in Jr. High in my 7th grade P.E. class. It was nearly the end of class and my teacher asked me to carry the mesh bag of basketballs up the hill to her office. I headed up the hill to the locker room the same time two girls in the 9th grade class headed up the hill. They were carrying orange cones and began yelling at me through the cones like a megaphone in front of both 7th and 9th grade classes. "Hey Fatty! Hey Fat-ass!" They heckled me all the way up the hill. The bizzarre part is that I wasn't even a heavy kid (not that that would make it alright).

For a split second I thought about turning around and smashing the cone in one of the girl's faces and sending her head over heels backwards down the hill. Then my mind jumped to me sitting in the principal's office and I thought better of it. I ignored them.

I relayed this story to a friend of mine and she told me she'd never go back to school again if that happened to her.'s what I mean by knowing how to think right. This is how I handled the situation in my mind. I got to my locker to change and I thought, "Poor girls. Their mother probably doesn't love them." Instead of feeling picked on, I turned the entire thing around. And that was the end of it. It didn't affect me, it didn't scar me. In fact, I forgot the entire thing even happened until my mom asked me 30 years later if I'd ever been bullied. Now that is powerful thinking! That is the ability to create your world no matter what! It comes easily to some, yet is a struggle for others. It doesn't matter. We all have the capacity to think right. It just takes a little practice. Keep following and reading to find out how.

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