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Well Rounded Humans Experiment

I always thought I'd have the "standard story". You know...grow up...get married...start a family and live happily ever after. But for many of us, myself included, that's not how it has gone. I am divorced and have 3 incredible sons, a ridiculously lovely daughter-in-law and a dog named Rocco. I've spent a lot of time figuring things out (and by that I mean NOT living a standard story). I've done some cool stuff, had some great experiences, and tried so many things in search of my "standard story". It took me a while to realize that THIS...all of this is my story. It's not even close to standard. It's everything BUT standard, which has made me a pretty well-rounded (or at least well-ovaled) indivdual. I'm constantly reading, researching, adventuring, learning, experiencing, trying, jumping without wings (which can be a good thing and a bad thing). But what to do with it? What do I do with all of this experince and information? Pass it on. Pass it on in a way that's fun and digestible and creates other well-rounded humans.

So, I used my kids as guinea pigs. Tonight was the first experiment. My boys are 24, 22 and 15 years old. My daughter-in-law is 20. Every other week they all come over for dinner. This time I decided to give them the opportunity to try yoga (nevermind that I've been asking them to try it with me for a few years). This time I bought them all yoga mats (just $10 at WalMart) and I made small roller-bottles of essential oils to have on hand to take a break and breathe deep occasionally when they feel stressed.

I planned a comforting meal. We had breakfast for dinner...pancakes, sausage and eggs with REAL maple syrup (read the ingredients on the back of your syrup container. If it doesn't say "maple syrup" as the only ingredient, throw it out). Be good to yourself and your body.

As everyone was finishing dinner, I presented them with their yoga mats and oils. My daughter-in-law, Kylen was the first to dive in and smell the oils.

I knew there could potentially be groans and protests when I had everyone get on their mats, but there weren't. Not one. Sometimes there's strength in trying something new together. I pulled up a short 20 minute session for the upper back (courtesy of YOGA WITH ADRIENNE on YouTube) and off we went. Immediate laughter ensued as the not-so-limber attempted to get into child's pose. It was funny and fun, and good for the body and soul. We all connected. They tried something new. They learned something new and were all a little better for it. They even thanked me :)

I'm looking forward to and planning our next experiment in becoming well-rounded individuals.

I hope you'll follow along and join in the fun.

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