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Universal Laws-The Law of Rhythm

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The Law of Rhythm

By: Jennifer de Azevedo

There is a Universal Law known as the Law of Rhythm. The Law of Rhythm basically tells us that all things on the earth are cyclical. What does that mean? Well…read on!

I apologize in advance for this topic, but it is relevant. As a girl, there are two times a month that my mind doesn’t work the way it normally does; when I ovulate and when I get my period. (Hang on boys…I promise you’ll get something from this). Without fail, no matter how good I’ve gotten at keeping my thoughts and my mind in a good, positive place, I will inevitably have a few days when I cannot keep my thoughts up. I don’t rant or become unreasonable; It’s more of a quiet sort of suffering. In fact, no one would notice but me, (or maybe they would and they’re just not telling me) but it feels debilitating when you are working hard to achieve a goal and you know mindset counts. In the past when this has happened, I would beat myself up. I’d consider myself weak and be angry that I couldn’t seem to get past feeling blue and overwhelmed. I’d say things to myself like, “Just buck up” or “What is wrong with you? You know better than this!” Things I would never say to another human being, I would yell at myself over something biological that occurs in nature.

During a break, at an event called Genius Boot Camp with author Leslie Householder (where people learn how to apply these laws in life) I finally got up the guts to ask, “What do you do when you just can’t seem to get your mind right because it’s that time of month? How do you get past that cloud of feeling sad or agitated?” It was a good thing I asked because I found out I’m not the only person wondering. The answer? The Law of Rhythm. Turns out all things in the world are cyclical (including me). The tide comes in and rolls back out, the seasons come and go, flowers bloom and go to seed, and when life seems difficult this law promises an upturn.

I found that just knowing this allowed me to cut myself some slack when I was struggling to keep my mind in the best places. I learned to relax and tell myself when I’m struggling to feel good, it’s just a time to rely on the Law of Rhythm and know that a better day is on its way. This realization was huge for me. We can’t all have our best days all the time. I no longer felt like I was being weak. I was just a part of the cycles of nature, and that wasn’t just okay…that was a good thing.

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