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Universal Laws-The Law of Perepetual Transmutation

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

By: Jennifer de Azevedo

The law of Perpetual Transmutation says that everything is either coming into form or moving out of form. When we think of an idea, so long as we believe in it, circumstances are shifting, and resources are lining up.

2018 was a year of learning for me. The exciting new job I started the year with didn’t come to fruition the way I had all hoped. I found myself unemployed and trying to keep calm and have faith while everyone around me constantly barraged me with questions like, “Aren’t you scared?” and “What are you going to do?” I thought this job was God’s answer to my plea for a job that would allow me to support my family and be home for them. Now it was gone.

I was offered a job as the director of a young non-profit. I could work from home, travel to my home state (California) monthly, be a part of something incredible and make more than I’d ever made. However, promises regarding funding didn’t turn out and my position disappeared.

I was doing my very best to rely on the idea that something better was coming out of this situation. It took every ounce of energy I had to keep believing that things were working out on my behalf so long as I could see it and feel it. I spent time convincing myself, “We’re going to be fine! I always land on my feet.”

Not having a job gave me a lot of time to think. I spent hours studying, taking notes, meditating, praying and imagining the life I wanted to experience. As I got better at applying universal laws of thought, I became less worried and concerned. However, there was no still sign of my dream job, or any other job for that matter. Nothing appeared to be working out; not until I looked backwards at the year. What I had asked for was a job that would leave me feeling fulfilled and allow my family to thrive while using my talents. As a single mom, I never would’ve taken the leap or found the time to create that dream job I had been hoping for. What showed up was an opportunity that was too good to pass up, so I took it.

Not having a job gave me the chance to create the career I desired. I get to teach and help others think right and better their lives. I get to help people create.

Looking back, I can see that everything was working out for me. The new job was to get me moving in a completely different direction than I ever would’ve gone on my own. It was to force me to better learn these universal principals, so I could benefit from them and teach others how to use them, as well. This is a road I knew I’d be good at and enjoy, but I never would’ve taken the leap toward it in my “single mom” situation. It was too scary.

You might not be able to see how things are working out, but keep your faith up, and you will. What appeared to be a devastating year for me was lining me up for the life I wanted. Keep nourishing your seed and pay attention. You will see things unfold on your behalf.

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