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Universal Laws-The Law of Gestation

The Law of Gestation

By: Jennifer de Azevedo

The Law of Gestation states that all things in nature evolve over time. This has been the trickiest of the universal laws for me to work with because it requires the acceptance of time and patience (which is something I am getting better at). You can boil that down to taking a deep breath and accepting that everything takes a minute, or many, to accomplish. It also states there is a finite amount of time for an idea to go from conception to maturity, if we nourish the seed. For me, that is the comforting part of this law. It promises a light at the end of the tunnel, so long as we hold to the goal. I have seen the law of gestation at work in my life as I’ve strived to learn and apply all the universal laws.

At first, I was frustrated by how long it was taking me to really commit to these new ideas and let go of old patterns. I expected to be able to make shifts and progress in leaps and bounds. Except for a few instances, this has not been the case. It has been more of a slow, consistent, gradual progression in the right direction. I had to just realize it was going to take time to change the thoughts and programs I had been running for years. I would be working on something I wanted to change, like a fear I wanted to let go of, and I would get stuck. Sometimes months would go by without feeling like any headway was made, and I’d begin to feel disheartened. However, as I continued to cultivate faith that things were working out, suddenly, a shift would occur, and the work I had put in became so incredibly worth it. The time it took to accomplish my task no longer mattered.

I have become more aware of my thoughts than I have ever been, and it requires more effort and energy then I expected. Despite the work, this law began to give me comfort when I settled down and KNEW that my goals would be accomplished and there was a limited amount of time it would take to see them achieved. That brought me peace. One thing I’ve learned is that coming from a peaceful place will always get you closer to your goal than coming from a harried place.

I find comfort in asking God (or the Universe or Source…whatever YOU choose to call it) if my goal is a good goal for me. If I am quiet, I always receive guidance in my goals. We often think we know exactly what we want and, when it shows up, realize it’s not exactly what we want. The Law of Gestation often allows us time to decide if it’s the path or goal we truly want.

See your goal, believe in your goal, have faith that it is happening and just breathe. You will not be led astray if you ask for and pursue your goal with an open heart, patience and a genuine desire for guidance to it.

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