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Universal Laws-The Law of Cause & Effect

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The Law of Cause and Effect

By: Jennifer de Azevedo

The Law of Cause and Effect states, “When you make an effort to take a step towards the life you want, the life you want takes a step toward you.”

(Notice how many times what I wanted took a step toward me as I actively sought it out.)

I had hit a wall. No matter how hard I tried to maintain a positive outlook and hope for the best, progress was not being made and I was extremely frustrated. I posted on Facebook that I was so close to having the life I wanted and still missing it completely. An old neighbor of mine, replying to my post, dropped a link to a book called THE JACKRABBIT FACTOR. “What on earth is the Jackrabbit Factor,” I wondered. I looked it up. “Seems different than anything I’ve learned from other teachers,” I thought. Then I looked up the author. “She's a mom who has struggled financially and felt like she was just working to pay bills and felt guilty about being away from her kids? Good grief! I can relate to that!” I thought. Then I found her on YouTube and listened to everything I could. Then I signed up for her emails because I wanted to learn more. I listened to and read all the work I could find that she had out there. There was way more to know about universal laws then I had ever heard of or been aware of. I was raised in a religious family, so her spiritual references felt familiar to me. I was looking for change and I knew it had to have something to do with the way I was operating in this world. “If the only thing I have control over is me, then I have to start there.”

One late night I was sitting in bed with my laptop when one of her emails came through. “Have you ever considered being personally mentored?” it asked. I thought for a minute, “Not really.” I’m kind of a figure-it-out-on-my-own sort of girl.” Plus, I was in no place to spend money on that sort of thing as I was out of work. Suddenly, and with complete surprise for my own actions, I filled out the questionnaire to apply for mentorship. “I mean, why not?” I told myself. If I’m learning to create the things I desire, I might as well put it out there that I want to try this and see what happens. I could at least see what they have to say. If I was going to create big changes in my life I had to start thinking differently.

The application said I’d hear from someone in 2 days. Five days later I hadn’t heard back from anyone. I sent an email asking if my application had been received. To my surprise I got a response from the author herself! She asked me some personal questions to see if I was a fit for her mentorship program. Until this point in my life, I’d have given her a well-crafted letter telling her all about me in a way that would make me sound as lovely and put together as possible. Not this time! I wanted and NEEDED change, and that would not come from me doing the same thing I always did. I spilled my guts. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. I told her things I’d never shared with anyone. Now, I can’t be sure (you’d have to ask her) but I think my complete honesty may have come as a surprise. It certainly came as a surprise to me.

This became the beginning of our corresponding through emails. In a simple twist of fate, we discovered I had just done some similar work at a studio that she needed done for her books to be published on Audible. While what I’d done for the studio was a little different than what she needed, I also knew if I couldn’t figure it out, I knew folks who could. Long story short, I was looking for the tools I needed to help me create positive change in my life. Leslie Householder had those. She was looking for a way to make her work available to more people. I knew how.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t decided to ask for change and taken steps towards the changes I wanted. It wouldn’t have happened if I’d listened to the voices in my head telling me, “You don’t have the money…so don’t bother filling out that application for mentorship.” It wouldn’t have happened if I’d sent the usual lovely letter about myself and not the raw version she got.

This experience was proof to me that the Law of Cause and Effect is true. I realized how I thought and reacted to a setback would determine what came next.

“When you make an effort to take a step toward the life you want, the life you want takes a step toward you.” You don’t have to go all the way. When you actively seek what you desire, your desire begins to move toward you.


How many times did the things I need take a step towards me as I took a step towards them?

1. I was searching for guidance when someone dropped a link to the Jackrabbit Factor on my Facebook page.

2. I wanted to learn more and kept seeking it out and then I received an email for a mentorship opportunity that I normally wouldn’t have done anything about

3. I applied for the mentorship program, even though I could see no way of it working out.

4. It appeared as though my application wasn’t received (which would seem like a bad thing) but it put me in direct touch with the person that had the answers I was looking for.

5. I took a step towards what I wanted by doing something different and being completely honest in my response to Leslie’s questions.

6. My honesty sparked our friendship and correspondence which is how we found that I needed something Leslie offered, and I had some wisdom that Leslie needed.

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