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The Energy of a Meal

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

This past week, someone made us dinner. The woman who made it is a master chef and the meal was because my family has been dealing with some difficult things this year. My father is sick. It's a type of blood cancer (not classified as a leukemia, but still a blood cancer). Life changes with that kind of news. The meal was so appreciated, but more than that...I could taste and feel the energy in the food. I could feel the love and time that went into it. This was a first for me. I've had fantastic meals; meals that require linnens and china and crystal and silver...expensive meals...meals at fine restaurants in foreign countries on top floors with expansive views. This was different. A great tasting meal is easy to come by. Good food is everywhere. But this was a new experience. I could literally feel the good energy in this food. I could feel the love and the thought and time that went into it. I don't know how to explain what I felt other than saying I felt loved and looked after and nourished by the energy of the meal. I felt good intentions and protection and hope in the food. It was like the food had been prayed over by monks in a monestary for days and I actually said out loud to everyone in the house, "You can tell this was made with love." I was so grateful for this meal, not just because it was so welcomed and appreciated, but because it gave me a new perspective. I wondered what I could do to make food for my loved ones with such energy. I grew up in a religious family. We always prayed before a meal. We always blessed the food. I believe that matters. I believe intentions make a difference and we acted on them. We took the time to say a few words every time we ate. We expressed gratitue for the food and asked that it nourish us. This meal was so powerful. I wondered what they may have done different than all the prayers we uttered through the years. Maybe they did nothing different. Maybe I needed to feel it and so I did. Whatever it made me think. It made me pay attention to ingredients and quality and my intentions when I cook for my loved ones. I don't prepare food for my family like an item I have to check off my list anymore. I prepare it with intention and love and thought (I think I unwittingly always did, but I've taken it up a notch). Just something to think about and explore.

(ALSO...I have a YouTube channel where I've been cooking my way through the King Family cookbook. Don't know who the King Family is? They were this family of singers and entertainers who had a TV show on ABC in the 60's and 70's. They also happen to be my family. Go check it out :) Click the pic below

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