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Road Tripping With Gabby Bernstein and a Tiger

Last Tuesday, I loaded my car by myself and headed to Phoenix, Arizona from Salt Lake City, Utah for an event with my publisher. Knowing the trip would take me nearly 11 hours, I purchased some books on Audible to occupy the time. I love to road trip and I was ready for some alone time in the car with a few of my favorite authors and speakers. I started with a book by Gabby Bernstein. Every time I'd stop for gas, I'd jot a few notes down of the things she said that stuck out to me. About 6 hours into my drive and well into southern Utah, I decided to crack open a large Hershey's Special Dark Bar. As I broke off the first row of chocolate, Gabby began to tell the story of how she went about getting her body healthy and prepared for having a baby. She mentioned how she'd pray over and bless her supplements. I felt inspired by her words and started to say a prayer, as well..."Bless this chocolate, that it may nourish my body..."

I couldn't even finish. I was laughing out my car. I finished my prayer with, " least let it be good for my soul." For the next 20 minutes I kept cracking myself up thinking about it.

About 9 hours into my drive, I had started another Gabby Bernstein book. At this point she was talking about asking the Universe for signs that you're on the right path. I have some very personal things that I'm working on and decided to give it a try. She gave examples of asking to see owls and dragonflies. I decided I REALLY wanted to test this idea. After a little thought, I settled on a Tiger as my sign. I knew that would be a hard one to come by. If I saw one, it would be miraculous. "Take that Universe! I dare you to show me that sign!"

I said my prayer and asked, "If I'm on the right me a sign. How 'bout a tiger?" I closed my prayer and kept on driving.

About 45 minutes later I could tell I was getting close to Phoenix. More and more billboards popped up along the highway. I looked up and saw a billboard with something black and orange in the distance. My first thought was, "There is no way." As I got closer, I stared at the image of a Tiger. I shouted, "You've got to be shitting me." I was so dumbfounded by the picture, I didn't even notice what the advertisement was for.

As I continued down the highway, I began to talk myself out of my sign. "That had to be a coincidence." Wouldn't you know it...a few minutes later, I passed another one. This time I saw the ad.

"Been in an accident? Call LAW TIGERS"

Again, I found myself laughing out loud.

I made it safely to my friend's house, unloaded my luggage and told them my tiger story. We all had a good laugh and I ended up having a lovely few days in Phoenix.

On my 11 hour journey home I saw the same 2 billboards PLUS a billboard for the OUT OF AFRICA WILDLIFE PARK in Camp Verde, Arizona. Guess what animal was on it? You betcha! A tiger.

I passed another billboard for a place called BEARIZONA, which is another sort of drive-through animal park. I found it odd that they didn't pick a bear to represent BEARIZONA. They picked a Tiger.

I spent the majority of my journey back to Salt Lake listening to Wayne Dyer and Napolean Hill. After hearing someone's voice for so long and listening to their thoughts, they start to feel like a friend. I felt a little sad every time I'd get to the close of a book.

As I neared Salt Lake City, I rounded a corner and saw another billboard. The EXACT same one I saw in Phoenix for LAW TIGERS.

My jaw unhinged and I tipped my head to the sun setting in the west. "Game on, Universe! Game on."

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