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Reading and Success

When my children were little, one of my favorite times was our story time. We read every day. We'd read when I needed a calm moment...we'd read before bed to settle down. We read so often my boys could recite stories, word for word, without even opening the book. I'm grateful for all our reading time.

I recently saw some statistics that said 33% of high school graduates, after graduating, will never read another book. 42 % of college graduates, after graduating will never read another book. 80% of U.S. families did not buy a book last year. BUT...the average CEO reads 60 books per year. These statistics absolutely blew my mind (Especially as an author)!

When I sent these statistics to my boys and mentioned how proud I am of our love of reading and learning, one of my sons wrote back and said, "It makes me feel powerful". Imagine giving your kids the ability to feel powerful!!! Why are more people not reading?! As an adult, I LOVE Audible (and other audio platforms) that allow me to fold laundry while I listen to a book. I always keep a notepad close by so I can jot down notes.

Do you want to change your kids future? Do you want to uplift your family and give your kids they keys to success? READ! Go buy a book! In fact...go buy MY books for your kids! Find publisher's like mine who focus on empowering books for kids. Lawley Publishing

Here is one simple tip to your success. READ!

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