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Praying for better

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

This was my second blog post ever. I started out with such good intentions to create, but I was creating out of fear. My mindset had shifted from "Everything always works out for me" to "What if nothing works out for me." After all, I had just survived 4 years of absolute betrayal with someone who repeatedly threw me and my children under the bus daily to protect himself and his lies. When you read attention to how it feels. Am I asking for things with a postive expectation? Or am I coming from a place of fear?

March 18, 2010

PRAYER       I think I’ve prayed more in the last 6 months than I have my entire life.  In fact…I’m constantly praying.  I pray when I get up, when I run, before I eat, before I send my children out the door, while I’m driving, in the bath, before going to bed.   I find it helps me stay in a positive frame of mind.  There’s a lot to be grateful for when you’re looking for it.  And when that doesn’t work, it feels like I can just drop it all in someone else’s lap.

AND  I pray about everything!  I pray I can be strong, I pray my kids will be happy, I pray for patience, I pray for forgiveness when I lose my patience, I pray the car will last one more year, I pray those cookies won’t make me fat, I pray I do well in school, I pray my kids will do well in school, I pray my parents never get old, I pray for my brother and his family,  I pray for a better job, I pray for opportunities, I pray those brownies won’t make me fat, I pray my boys will GET how much I love them, I pray we’ll all return home safe tonight, I pray for no more strep throat!! I pray the people who bought our house are good to my neighbors, I pray my boys make good friends, I pray we’ll sleep well tonight,  I pray I can always fit into my red pants, but mostly, I pray for happiness…and I pray I can teach my boys how to be happy.

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