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Make Waves - Session 3 - Breakfast and Soap

Welp! We did it. We had another successful Make Waves gathering with my crew. My manta has been "well rounded nad grounded," and I'm really happy about the things we're learning and the small shifts we've been making to better ourselves and our world. This past weekend was my 46th birthday and my youngest son's 16th birthday. My entire crew came over for a Sunday brunch of stuffed french toast, gravy covered sausage, campfire potatoes, and the richest scrambled eggs ever (or so I was told, since I'm not a fan of eggs). Three of the 4 recipes came from my family's cookbook "The King Family Cookbook", which I have been cooking my way through for a few years now. You can follow my journey on YouTube .

This was definitely a special occasion breakfast. Everything was delicious and comforting. After we ate and everyone helped clean up, I read a post to my family from a page I follow on Instagram called Just Ingredients. (Side note. My thyroid really slowed down last year. Since then, I've been researching the causes and ways to heal it. Something that keeps popping up, aside from stress, is all the harmful chemicals found in most of the everyday products we use and how they can collectively take a toll on our bodies). Our activity was to make our own natural hand soap out of castille soap, filtered water and essential oils. Everyone loved the idea of a healthy swap. Picking what essential oils they wanted to use was the most fun part. We then used a funnel to pour the soap and water into the foaming pump dispensers I bought for everyone (I got 2 cup foaming soap dispensers on Amazon).

1/4 c Castille Soap

Add 20 drops of essential oil of choice

fill the bottle the rest of the way up with filtered water

This was a quick, easy, fun activity that everyone enjoyed. We've always been on the health conscious side of things and this was one, simple way to create awarenes of the products they use and hopefully allow everyone to make healthier choices (even if it is just one's start). By small and simple things...waves are made :)

Stay well rounded and grounded!

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