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  • Jen de Azevedo

Life Is Made From A String of Mostly Ordinary Days

Today my alarm went off at 5:30am. Every other day I get to the office at 6:45 to open. I've never been fantastic at early mornings, but I've adjusted and have managed quite well. It probably helps that I don't have to be at the office that early EVERY day. This morning, however, my alarm screamed at me. It almost hurt. "Why?" I muttered to myself as I stumbled across my room in the dark. I set every intention to wake up feeling amazing, but missed my mark. Thank Heaven I prepared the night before...set out clothes, filled my shot glass with all my vitamins and supplements and had everything ready and waiting for my morning java. This is a simple task I learned to save myself from an early alrm clock. Just take a few minutes the night before. I're days will be better.

I noticed the sun is rising earlier and felt so happy at the idea of Summer being just around the corner. I am, and will always be, a California girl wishing for an endless Summer (thank you Bruce Brown for that idea).

Today, my brother let me know he and his family are coming to town this weekend. There's nothing like a visit to the ER to make a family aware of time...and to make some for each other.

I had a conversation with a total stranger who loved my hippie skirt as I pumped gas.

Ate some wasabi soy sauce almonds (my fave healthy choice for a snack on the go) and kombucha.

Walked and fed my dog, Rocco.

Wrote my prayers out...meditated...took out the trash and did some laundry.

Drove my youngest son to his after-school job...let him DJ on the way there.

Lower body workout

Made some tea

Watered all my beautiful herbs and houseplants

Planned another one of my Sunday Evening Shakedowns for my fam.

I have so many things I want to pass on to them - things I didn't know to teach them when they were younger. I also am trying to instill the importance of healthy ingredients and alternatives to the hundreds of everyday items we use. I read a blog on "how much is too much". It was based on the idea that all these "trace amounts" of unhealthy ingredients in everything we use adds up. As someone who is working on healing a thyroid that's taken a dive, this intrigued me. I've decided to share and try out all these bits of wisdom and give my kids easy alternatives to tackle and trade. Every 2 weeks we try something new and learn something new. I've learned so many things the hard way and I'd love to save my children (and anyone else who is interested) from those hard lessons.

Took a hot bath and soaked in epsom salts

Contemplated new ideas.

Wondered. Wrote.

Made plans with friends.

Stayed off that shitty dating app where everyone's main pic is a selfie in the front seat of their car and whose bios say, "No games!" WTF?

It was just an ordinary day. Life is mostly made up of them. All those seemingly insignificant decisions we make all day long...they add up over time. Make good ones.

Eat the good stuff. Get Outside. Exercise. Go out with friends. Laugh hard. Learn something new.

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