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How Would You Like A Perfect Body?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

How would you like a perfect body? How many times has this questions been posed to me? So many times it would be impossible to even attempt to count. It has been asked in commercials and print exercise gurus and diet experts. It is inadvertantly asked of us in EVERY DAMN CATALOG on the planet. My own mind has posed this question hundreds of thousands of times. It's been asked in dressing rooms, in front of every mirror, on every beach, by every 1st time mother who wondered, "How fast can I get back into my jeans?"

I have spent a good portion of my life running, walking, swimming and weight lifting all in the name of my perfect body. And while that obsessing was keeping me physically took years to slowly shift my mindset for exercise and healthy eating from having a "perfect body" to having good health.

And so, tonight...when the question was, again, posed by a group of 40-somethings, "How would you like a perfect body?" My answer was, "NO." Trust me, as it came out of my own mouth it was a surprise (especially since I'd been cursing my own ass while putting on my bathing suit after a long, covid winter and a broken heart earlier that day). Thank heaven for dear friends who open their mouths to say the good things we all need to hear.

"Jen, you look great! You motivate me."

It was as if a tiny angel flew down and perched on my shoulder, "See? Stop thinking those thoughts. They're not true!"

"Do you want a perfect body?"

"No" was my answer. And then, as if planned, all these words came spilling out of my mouth...put together in a way that I'd never put them together before.

"No. I don't want a perfect body. If I had a perfect body, I wouldn't have sagging boobs and stretch marks on the back of my hips from the weight I put on having my babies." Three boys...the best things that have come from my existence. "I wouldn't have the freckles and discolorations that come from being a fair-skinned girl...born in Southern, California...who spent hours upon hours in swimming pools and the ocean." Even with sunscreen, there are signs of sun on my skin. My mother called them sun-kisses (I like that way better than sun damage).

"If I had a perfect body, I would not have the ass and thighs of my Brazilian and Portuguese ancestors." Don't think I haven't fought my entire life to keep those parts of me in check. Why?!! They write songs about big butts!!... Because, you didn't see models with power thighs and butts when I was a kid...and wisdom and acceptance often takes time.

"If I had a perfect body, I would have no scars. No scar on my wrist from falling on the sidewalk while playing with my cousins...

No scar on my knee from slipping on the ice while hiking with friends in Running Springs, California...

No scar on my right butt cheek from sliding down a hill, over a broken glass bottle someone unwittingly chucked in the grass when I was a little girl." That really happened...and while it sounds horrifying (and I had stitches), it's a pretty good story.

"That little wrinkle that shows on the left side of my smile is from me biting my lip for the last decade, while trying to figure out my next move."

The question was posed, "How would you like a perfect body?"

After REALLY thinking on the matter, my answer is, "No thanks. I'm good."

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