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  • Jen de Azevedo

How Am I Going To Pay For That?

Do you ever receive news that's less than stellar and you just don't know what to do about it? A few days ago my father came into the house and urgently proclaimed, "Jen! You need new tires. They wouldn't even pass inspection they're so bald." Honestly I wasn't surprised. I had been commuting at least 2 hours daily in horrible snowy conditions. My son had borrowed the car the night before and parked the car with the wheel turned against the curb (like we're supposed to in case our breaks don't hold). When my father went out to get mail the next day, he noticed the horrible condition of my tires and came in to let me know I was driving an unsafe vehicle.

Awesome. I didn't have the money to get new tires. What do you do in that situation? Firstly, don't get all upset. Stay calm and KNOW there is solution. Then, you get creative. And by that I mean you create what you need. HOW?

I found a quiet spot, closed my eyes and imagined coming out of a local shop with new tires on my car. I imagined driving my car home and felt how smooth it drove with new tires on it. I didn't worrry or gripe. I just believed I had new tires and everything would work out as needed. And I believed it! I absolutely believed I would receive what I needed.

The next morning my father came in with the mail. There was an unexpected check from my publisher! That check allowed me to get my new tires that day!

Now some might argue that the check was already in the mail and I couldn't have created that. But, since I live my life trying to be in harmony with Universal Laws as much as a flawed human being can, I am often looked after. Had I not been made aware of the condition of my tires the money could have been spent on something else. Instead, my son borrowed the car and parked it in such as way that the condition of my tires was noticed by my father the day before I received an unexpected amount of money so I could take care of it. These are the little blessings we receive when we do our best to think right. I couldn't believe how perfectly everything worked out. The second I opened the check, I said "Thank you" out loud to the Universe and everyone for looking after me. When you receive a miracle, always acknowledge it. Being grateful for what you receive always opens the door to receive more.

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