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  • Jen de Azevedo

Different Directions

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

I had an interesting moment today.  There is this large lake outside my office. It’s big enough that it’s takes about 15 minutes to walk around if you hustle...20 if you meander. I walk around it at least twice a day (sometimes 3). I always walk the same way and (until today) have only gone one way around the lake. I believed the direction I always walked was the prettiest direction and I’d catch myself thinking, as I passed coworkers coming the other direction, “why would you want to go that way? I have such a better view this way!” Then I check in and tell myself, “you don’t know that, Jen... you’ve never gone that way. You just like this way because it’s comfortable.” I’ve had this little conversation with myself a few times and today I decided to go the other direction.  

I noticed places where people sat talking that I couldn’t normally see from “my” direction. I saw the light hit the lake in different places.  The wind blew from a different direction.  It was as lovely as “my way”. 

Sometimes...just for the sake of your need to walk in a different direction.

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