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Big Bear - The Family Cabin - 2021

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

My family has owned a cabin in Big Bear, California since 1996 (That's 25 years). Some of my favorite memories happened here. I look forward to my time here more than anywhere else on the planet (and I have been to some incredible places; Ghana, The Czech Republic, Jamaica, to name a few).

Why is the cabin so fantastic for me? It is a place where I truly vacation. I have no plans. There are things I always enjoy doing while I'm here, but there is no schedule to keep. If I choose to stay in my bikini all day and watch movies and eat pancakes...I do it. If I decide to get all dolled up and head to the village for burgers and ice cream...I do it. If I want to disappear and go hiking alone to clear my head...I do it. Doesn't that sound like the perfect vacation?! For me, it is.

Today is day one of my 2021 Big Bear, Summer trip. My oldest son is married and working now, so it's just me, my two youngest boys and my dog, Rocco.

Yesterday was a day of travel. We drove from our home in Fruit Heights, Utah (just North of Salt Lake City) through the state of Utah, Arizona, Las Vegas, Neveda and into California. It's normally a 10 hour drive, but due to an accident outside of Baker (home of the world's largest thermometer and the Mad Greek restauarant...which was featured on DINERS, DRIVE IN'S AND DIVES) we had an extra hour of driving. Eleven hours of driving before we arrived. The second we walked into the was totally worth it.

This place has been in our family since before I even had my babies. Two of them are men now. This place is home.

Today started with my little dachshund/pug AKA a daug waking me up to potty. I stood outside in the cool mountain air while he sniffed around. The pine trees have a sweet, butterscotch smell up here.

Then I came inside and began making pancakes for the boys. Any time we have sausage and bacon and pancakes and potatoes my boys call it "cabin breakfast". For some reason, everyone is hungrier at the cabin.

After breakfast, we walked down to the local market to grab a drink. The sun was behind clouds and it was cool and beautiful. We always enjoy our walks to the market. After 25 years, the owner knows us and always wishes us well. We knew the previous owner Barb for years before she sold it and retired. This is us walking down RIM OF THE WORLD on our way to grab a Rock Star and juice.

After our trip to the market, I swept up our decks and patios and brought out all the patio furniture for the week. Then I filled up all our bird feeders so we can enjoy watching the birds and critters that come to visit while we hang out.

Next, we hit the grocery store on the other side of the lake and stocked up on food and treats for the week. The rest of the day was sandwiches and movies and lounging on the deck. I always meditate and do my yoga on the deck. Sometimes I'm so still and quiet, I have lizards and chipmunks and finch when I open mpractically climbing in my lap when I open my eyes.

I'm making cheesburgers in a few minutes...I just painted my toes...and the boys are watching OCTOBER SKY. The soundtrack is perfect for being up here...soft and melodic and inspiring (plus, I've had a mini crush on Chris Cooper since I was young). It's one of our favorite films.

Everyone needs to find their place. This place recharges me. This place is filled with memories and good food and family, friends and nature. I expect nothing and everything from this place. It's going to be a good week :)

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