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Big Bear Family Cabin - 2021 - Day 2

This morning started early for me. I was asleep in the bunk room with the windows OPEN. I kept hearing this sound that, in my asleep state, sounded like a busted wagon rolling past my window. It was 2am. After I woke up more from the noise, I thought we had raccoons at our garbage cans (that was the rolling metal sound).

So I went into the kitchen to turn on our outdoor lights to scare them off. I went back to my room to peek out the window and realized it wasn't raccoons. It was a friggin' BEAR!! My window was open and it was just about 8 feet away.

We've had this cabin for 25 years and only seen a bear 1 other time. I couldn't figure out how to close the window without it seeing or hearing or smelling me. There are blinds on the window, so I would've had to open the blinds and then close the window, but the bear was right there! I ran into the other rooms to check if my boys were safe and their windows were closed. All I could think of was the movie THE REVENANT ;)

This story ends with me sitting on the floor in front of the window with one of the long walking sticks we have. I listened and waited for it to leave. When I was sure it was gone...I slammed the friggin' window.

In the midst of my 2am panic, I texted my dad. "There's a bear outside the cabin!" The next morning, the only response I received from him was, "Ahoy!" Which is a quote we have exchanged for years from the film WHAT ABOUT BOB. This morning, as I recounted the story to my boys (who were crazy pissed that I didn't wake them to see it) my son, Ethan asked, "What did grandpa say?"

"He said...Ahoy."

We all busted up laughing.

After that craziness, the rest of the day was just pretty laid back.

When you have a family cabin, everyone pitches in.

Our cabin is on the edge of the national forest (which is awesome because there's nothing behind our cabin but forest. The downside is...I can't tell you how many times we've had close calls with the California wildfires. Today the boys and I spent about an hour clearing pine needles and pine cones from our property.

The rest of the day was good food, good movies, hikes and sunshine (we even got a little Summer rain).

Vacations are meant to recharge your mind, body and soul. I love to travel, but I don't always feel recharged from my travels. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation, if you've taken a trip where you've been on the go the entire time. This cabin is my happy place. What's your happy place?

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