Lawley Publishing

These are my publishers.  They are dedicated to creating quality literature for children and teens and I adore them.


Signing Time

This company has created paths to communication for so many families with deaf children, children with austism, kids with speech delays and children with down syndrome.  I have worked with them and love the community they've built. And they are my very talented cousins!


Leslie Householder

Leslie helped me discover the rare faith that causes things to happen even in times of adversity.  Read her blog, find her on Youtube or even take her on-line courses


Wheels 2 Wheels

This foundation is close to my heart as I was childhood friends with founder Matthew Compton and have worked extensively with this foundation.  Learn his story and what he is accomplishing by clicking on the picture below


Dig Paddlesports

The owners and operators of Dig Paddlesports are amazing folks who dedicate their time and efforst to health, wellness and getting people outdoors. I would know...I grew up with them.  They rescued me when my car broke down in Mesquite, Nevada.  If you're ever in St. George, Utah...go Paddleboarding or Kayaking with them.


Ric de Azevedo

This is my very talented and supportive father.  He sang as a member of the King Family, worked as an associate producer at Warner Bros., sang with two of the original Letterman in their musical group Reunion and has performed his entire life. 


Official King Family

This is my family.  It was incredible growing up with these talented, warm, fun people.   You can purchase vintage shows and books at this site.


Dance With Sobriety

A dear friend of mine has struggled with sobriety.  After his second bout in rehab he decided he wanted to do something to help others struggling with the same thing.  This is the result...a non-profit called Dance With Sobriety.  Click on the picture to learn more.