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Did you know?

There is a right way to think. 


How you think affects the results you get in your life. 

Want to know how?

I'm Jen de Azevedo, writer, blogger, mindset coach, YouTuber, philanthropist and mom. 

Join me. 


I was taught how to think right from the moment I was born. Many of my family members are unconsciously competent when it comes to mindset.

What is that?

It means unwittingly thinking right.   My world was beautiful & I always had the experiences I wanted to have because I just believed I deserved them and life was good...

"Life is good and everything always works out for me."

  However, at the age of 29 I faced some big challenges I was not prepared for.  I didn't know how to handle them because I had just been unconsciously creating an amazing life.  I'd never faced anything truly difficult & I became fearful of the things happening in my life. My thoughts shifted to...

"What if things don't work out for me?"

In 4 years time, I lost everything.  

From then on I thought I was the most unlucky person on the planet.  I've since experienced divorce, single parenthood, going back to school, losing my house, multiple broken hearts & professions including, opening my own sales/marketing company, script writing/marketing/project management for a local studio, & directing a non-profit (to name a few). 

Money was hard to come by, I felt guilty about the time I spent away from my kids, I wasn't doing any of the things I felt I was created to do and life felt so hard.

I began voraciously studying teachers and mentors of the power of positive thinking, universal laws, & faith in an effort to figure out how to feel better & be prosperous again. 

I have learned through trial & error (mostly error) that...

How we think affects what we get in this life.


One day I ranted on Facebook,

"I'm so close to having the life I want and still missing it completely." 

A friend dropped a link to a book that led me down a rabbit hole of new universal thoughts and teachers and ideas I'd never heard of. 

I realized there was so much more to learn and understand

then I'd previously known. 

I needed awareness of the Rules of Prosperity in order to create my life the way I'd been able to create it before.

The tricky part isn't just knowing the Rules of Prosperity, but learning to apply them.  You have to learn to let go of fear and the habitual thoughts that stop us in our tracks. 


I've since learned to apply these things to benefit me, my family & my community.  I love coaching & helping others unlock their dreams & potential. 

Have you ever felt stuck?

Have you struggled to feel happy & find purpose and clarity? 

Are you ready for incredible changes?

I can help

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